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Area 26 Financial Guidelines


1. Operating Budget As A Prudent Reserve.
2. Operational Fund
3. Contributions To General Service Office
4. Receipt And Invoice
5. Group Contribution
6. Area Contributions
7. Petty Cash
8. Quarterly Report
9. Reimbursements:
10. Reimburse For Standing Committees
11. AA Literature For Workshops
12. Hosting Area Committee/Assembly Meeting
13. All Ad Hoc Committees Expenses
14. Participation & Attendance General Service Conference.
15. Group Contributions Envelopes
16. The Treasurer Records
17. Fiscal Bank Statements
18. Bank Signature Card
19. Post Office Box

The Treasurer will set aside $10,000 operating budget as a prudent reserve.

2. The Treasurer will maintain an additional $5,000 operational fund for meeting current Area expenses, i.e., expenses of Officers, Standing Committees, the Kentuckiana News and any other miscellaneous costs. No standing committee shall maintain a separate bank account.

3. Within one month after the close of each quarter, the Treasurer will send directly to the General Service Office, all monies in excess of the sum of fund limits stated in (1) and (2) above. The end of the first, second, third, and fourth quarters shall be April 30th, July 31st, October 31st, and January 31st respectively of each year.

4. The Treasurer will pay all bills within 30 days of the receipt of an invoice. Receipts are required for any expenses of $25 and above, and copies will be kept on file for a period of 5 years. cancelled checks will be kept on file for a period of 5 years.

5. The Treasurer will send a written receipt to each Group for contribution received. Copies of these receipts will be kept on file for a period of 5 years.

6. Area 26 cannot accept contributions earmarked for a specific project or service.

7. On request, the Treasurer will furnish all Officers and Standing Committee Chairpersons (including Delegate and Alternate Delegate) up to $100 petty cash fund for the purpose of carrying out responsibilities of the positions.

8. The Treasurer will furnish a quarterly report showing bank account balance and activity, including a listing of each Group contribution. Enough copies of this report will be made available at each Area Committee meeting for all Officers, DCM's and Standing Committee Chairpersons, plus interested GSR's and Past Delegates attending the Quarterly Area Meeting.

9. The Treasurer will reimburse all Area Officers and Standing Committee Chairpersons for expenses incurred when participating in AA Service Activities directly related to his or her Committee and/or Office as follows:

A. Mileage reimbursement at the then-allowable federal charitable rate plus $.04 (Carpooling encouraged). Travel expenses are limited to the amount equal to mileage by car, regardless of means of transportation.

B. Miscellaneous Expenses covered:

1. Long-term parking

2. Telephone (limited to 10 minutes per call)

3. Taxi, etc.

C. Except where otherwise noted, lodging reimbursement for one night, and two nights if distance is over 150 miles one way incurred when participating in AA Service Activities directly related to his or her Committee and/or Office, including:
1. Area 26 Quarterly meetings and assemblies

2. Workshops within Area 26

3. Southeast Regional Forum (every other year)

D. In addition, the Delegate, Chairperson, Alternate Chairperson and Alternate Delegate will be reimbursed for:  

1. Southeast Regional Delegates Get-Together
E. In addition, the Delegate will be reimbursed for:
1. International Convention - up to 4 nights (held once every 5 years)

2. Annual Southeast Conference - up to 3 nights

3. Kentucky State Convention - up to 2 nights

10. The Treasurer will reimburse each of the Area 26 Standing Committees at the following maximum cumulative rates per two-year term.

a) Kentuckiana News $5,000.00

b) Grapevine 500.00

c) Corrections 500.00

d) Treatment 500.00

e) CPC 500.00

f) Public Information 500.00

g) Archives 500.00

h) Special Needs 500.00

i) Registrar 500.00

j) Literature 500.00

k) Website 500.00

11. The Treasurer is responsible to pay for all AA approved literature to be used for Workshops within Area 26, in cooperation with the Area 26 Committee. This is not intended to be used for the purpose of furnishing individual Districts or Groups literature at Area 26 expense.

12. The Treasurer will reimburse the Hosting District for each Area Committee/Assembly meeting as follows:

1. Saturday and Sunday expenses will be reimbursed 100%, expenses covered include:
a) Rental of the facilities

b) Coffee expense

c) Auxiliary space for Area business. (i.e. Committee Meeting Space.)

2. Any expenditure in excess of $1,000.00 must be approved in advance by the Chairperson.
13. All Ad Hoc Committees expenses over $50 will be reimbursed with Area 26 Committee approval.

14. In the first quarter of each year, the Treasurer will send GSO the requested amount to cover Area 26 Delegate participation and attendance the General Service Conference.  

15. The treasurer will provide a self-addressed envelope for each group through the DCM's to facilitate group contributions.  

16. The Treasurer will send all records to the Area 26 Archives Committee at the end of each two-year term.  

17. Each quarter, the Treasurer will go over the fiscal bank statement with the Secretary and Chairperson, showing period-end balance, to ensure that there is no significant error in the financial statement.  

18. The Bank Signature Card for the Area 26 account will contain the signatures of at least 3 of the following:

a. Treasurer  

b. Secretary  

c. Chairperson  

d. Delegate  

e. Alternate Delegate  

f. Alternate Treasurer  

Two signatures are required for all checks of $500 and above.  

19. It is suggested that a post office box be rented to receive Group contributions, but this is left to the discretion of the currently serving Area 26 Treasurer. If a post office box is used, a second key should be made available to an Area Officer, Standing Committee Chairperson or D.C.M., in the Treasurer's local area for access in case of any emergency.  

Amendments: 7/94, 10/96, 1/99, 7/03, 7/05, 1/07