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A note from our Delegate

The young people's video is now on the web site. I hope everyone will take a look at them.  I especially liked "Young People's Animation". It's simple but has a great message.

  1. On the Beach
  2. Alcoholics Anonymous
  3. Young People's Animation

You can now make contributions to GSO online. Here't the link
Check it out. It's real easy.

7th Tradition Inflation Poem
(Where Self Support and Spirituality Mix)

If you've NOT had a drink in a number of days... or years

Had a family restored...a home...and sober careers

Then it's time to think of gratitude ...instead of tears.

If self esteem is on the rise, while complacency still denies

It's time to give back what's been given to you.

The seventh tradition basket is being passed, it's true

But remember AA's been hit with inflation too.

A dollar a day may no longer keep the 'four horsemen' away.

On the other hand, if you use to drink in a dive... then by all means, put in a five!

If you slept under the stars, in a car or a tent, maybe you couldn't pay your rent, or perhaps

some folks just thought you had no sense... put in a ten!

If you got a nasty divorce (or two)... then a twenty of course, is what you need to do!

Spent time in jail'...Put the check in the mail!

Or make it easy and contribute online, and chances are you'll serve no more time.

Birthdays, anniversaries, any old sober-day will do

It's a day to be grateful, carry the message, and be self supporting too.

After all many folks are still 'out there' counting on you.

Whatever the amount, be RESPONSIBLE and step up.


Stay sober today. Participate. And be of maximum service when you can.

When we ALL do our part, it fits in GOD'S plan!

7th Tradition Inflation Poem'
(Where Self Support and Spirituality Mix)

Joy F.