Area 26 Quarterly Meeting Reports

La Grange, Kentucky    April 10 - 11, 2010     Hosted by District 21


Table of Contents

DCM Reports

District 1: DCM James G.
District 2: DCM: Doug P.
District 3: DCM: Nancy B.
District 4: DCM: Jill D.
District 5: DCM: Ken A.
District 6: DCM: Curtis P.
District 7: DCM: Susan G.
District 8: DCM: Redd H.
District 9: DCM: Buz T.
District 10: DCM: Joy M.
District 11: DCM: Cindy S.
District 12: DCM: Jake B. (Alt. DCM) for Eddie B.

District 13: DCM: Bill C.
District 14: DCM: Deb R.
District 15: DCM: Joseph M.
District 16: DCM: Jason M.
District 17: DCM: Lee S.
District 18: DCM: Gene M.
District 19: DCM: David T.
District 20: DCM: Jeffrey H.
District 21: DCM: Gregory R.
District 22: DCM: Vonda J.
District 23: DCM: David K.
District 24: DCM: John W.

District 25: DCM: Gary P.
District 26: DCM: Brad P.
District 27: DCM: Mark D.
District 28: DCM: Maggie G.
District 29: DCM: Dalton D.
District 30: DCM: Katrina C.
District 31: DCM: Cindy T.
District 32: DCM: Dick W.
District 33: DCM: Lona B.
District 34: DCM: Jeff N.
District 35: DCM: Gary F.
District 36: DCM: Lucio L.


Host Committee and Intergroup Reports

Louisville Host committee: Angie S., Co-Chairperson
Owensboro Host Committee: Jeff N.


Greater Louisville Intergroup: Bill F.
Northern Kentucky Intergroup: Barbara B.

Standing Committee Reports


Archives: David D. for David W., Chairperson
Cooperation with Professional Community (CPC): Charlie S., Chairperson
Grapevine: Joe O., Chairperson
Kentuckiana Newsletter: Amy B., Chairperson
Literature: George J., Chairperson
Public Information: John A., Chairperson
Registrar: Chris T., Chairperson
Special Needs: Debbie C., Chairperson
Treatment Facilities: Brian S., Chairperson
Website: Jon S., Chairperson

Officers Reports

Welcome to Service Workshop - Lynda R, Alternate Delegate
Chairpersons Report - Barbara F.
Alternate Delegates Report - Lynda R.
Delegates Report - Joy F.





District Reports

District 1 -- DCM James G.

I would first like to thank District 21 for hosting this weekend. Because of health reasons I was unable to attend the meeting in January, so at this time I would like to say thank you to Sondra M. for standing in for me. District 1 is doing well and our meeting attendance has improved. We just finished with the revisions of The Structure and Guidelines. And I have passed out this year's agenda for the General Service Conference. Now that my health has improved, I plan to go out and talk with the groups, to welcome the new groups to the district and to promote more active participation with the district from all our groups new and old. District 1 is still meeting the 2nd Sunday of the month at 3 p.m. at the Ice House 1400 Shelby Street. At this time I would ask if all those here from District 1 could please stand. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Cave City in July.


District 2 -- DCM: Doug P .

Thank you to the hosting districts for this quarterly meeting. District 2 has reinstituted a standing convention committee comprised of a Chair and Co-Chair responsible for selecting the full convention committee and all aspects of development. At our last district dinner meeting, 12 of 22 local group representatives were present. District 2 hopes to be preparing for the 2012 Kentucky State convention as one of its functions.


District 3 -- DCM: Nancy B.

District 3 is alive and well. We have 22 active groups that encompass five counties. Unfortunately, only around eight to ten GSRs attend the business meetings once a month. Eight standing committee chairs are very active and have great ideas and plans to carry the message of AA. For instance, our corrections committee is now taking meetings to the jails in four of the five counties. The chairperson even got her husband involved, he is in the program, and the PI standing committee chair has four volunteers to help take AA meeting schedules around to the hotels. The CPC standing committee chair sent a District 3 representative to the Kentucky Chapter of Employee Assistance Program Administrators' Coalition in Louisville. I am not aware how that turned out. The Grapevine standing committee chair is attending meetings and reporting on the advantages of getting a subscription to the Grapevine. The District has voted to host a workshop in November at the AA Clubhouse in Bowling Green. Each GSR is to discuss a topic with their respective home groups and we will vote on a topic at the June district business meeting. I will have more information at the July Area Meeting. As a side note, the Sponsorship Rally will be held in Bowling Green on Memorial Day weekend, May 29th, 30th and 31st. I want to thank District 21 for hosting this weekend.


District 4 -- DCM: Jill D.

Thank you District 21 for hosting the Area 26 quarterly meeting. Since the January 2010 area meeting, our District meetings have grown in attendance. Before we had maybe 8 people, now there are 16 to 18 people coming each month. Sending our more monthly mailings (minutes) has worked for our District. We have gained two new GSRs from the Meade County area. Our District voted in a Correction Chairperson from the Breckinridge County area. Our District will be hosting a .12 Traditions. workshop on September 11th in Irvington at the Acceptance Place. I will bring fliers to the July meeting. May God Bless all who serve Him.


District 5 -- DCM: Ken A.

Thanks to District 21 for hosting. Our last district meeting was at the Coffee Club in Lebanon, Kentucky. Trusted servants attending were DCM, Alternate DCM, Treasurer, Secretary, 15 GSRs, 2 visitors, and a spiritual advisor. Sixteen groups were represented at the meeting on one fashion or another. Treasurer's report was given by Neil C. Secretary's report was given by Cindy. T. reported that the GSR information continues to be updated. Information includes meeting dates, time, type, location, GSR name, addresses, phone numbers. Also collecting contact information for the Archive committee to record all meeting histories throughout the district. District 5 now has 24 active groups with the addition of two new meetings in Bardstown. Tuesday's Grace Women's meeting at 8 PM Tuesday night Presbyterian Church, 2nd and Broadway, Bardstown; Loose Ends Group, Friday morning at 9 AM Presbyterian Church, 2nd and Broadway, Bardstown. GSR reports: Meetings in our District continue to show good support, with active home group member counts staying steady. The Bardstown Thursday Night group is now meeting at St. Monica's and is having a Literature meeting at 6:30 prior to the 8 pm Thursday meeting. They were sad to report the loss of Linza Lee T., sober 27 years, who passed on January 26, 2010. The Nazareth Mid Week Serenity Group helped Russell R. celebrate 21 years last month. The Springfield Group is growing at a good speed, with several new members celebrating token birthdays. The New Hope Group on Tuesday night celebrated its 11th anniversary in February. Francis D. celebrated 40 years. The Bloomfield Stick With The Winners Group had to move to a new location for 6 months or so while some remodeling was being done. They are now at the Methodist Church across from Hometown Pizza. Campbellsville groups are now seeing residents from a recently opened 100 bed Treatment facility. Greensburg Sun Evening Group celebrated with Bobby L.'s 30th sober year! Standing Committees chairmen and members were set for Archives, Cooperation with the Professional Community, Corrections, Grapevine, Kentucky Newsletter, Literature, Publications, Registrar, Special Needs, Treatment, and Website. Many committees have more than 1 member. We have new updated meeting cards in the process of being printed. These will include all the registered group meetings in the district. Big Books and 12&12s have been donated to Libraries in Bardstown, Greensburg, Springfield, Campbellsville, Hodgenville, New Haven and Lebanon. We reviewed the agenda items for upcoming 2010 Service Conference. We met at the request of Drug Court officials concerning proof of attendance at meetings and the relationship of AA. We talked about what AA can and cannot do. They like the stamps.


District 6 -- DCM: Curtis P.

Thank you to District 21 for being of service and hosting Area 26 quarterly meeting. We have 16 home groups in our District and an average of 8 GSRs per District meeting. This past quarter we spent some time recruiting GSRs from home groups who were not being represented at the monthly District meeting. We're up two GSRs. Anniversaries are recognized monthly at all of the home groups. Lot of service opportunities in District 6 having two Treatment facilities. District 6 has filled 6 Committee positions and continues to look for willing individuals to fill the remaining committees. In January, there was a Corrections dinner to raise money to purchase Big Books for distribution to Correctional facilities. It was a huge success. Bi-monthly newsletter for the four Northern Kentucky Districts 6, 18, 32, and 35. We will be working closely with the editor to publish news and upcoming events.


District 7 -- DCM: Susan G.

I want to thank everyone in LaGrange for having us here for this quarterly meeting. Things are going well in South Central Kentucky. I have visited all of the groups in District 7 and listened to a lot of experience, strength and hope. All of our groups are now registered with GSO and have GSRs. We were able to gel all of our information together in time to be included in the directories. We have had 2 District meetings this quarter, and at the last one, all of the groups had representation except for one. Another meeting is planned for a few weeks from now. A new meeting schedule was printed and the next week we had a new meeting start, so it was quickly out of date. More meetings is a good thing for our District. We'll just print fewer schedules at a time. We still have a problem with increased meeting costs and dwindling contributions in our groups. Since this seems to be true for a lot of the people I know, I guess we're not too different.


District 8 -- DCM: Redd H.

No report.


District 9 -- DCM: Buz T.

District 9 would like to thank District 21 for Hosting our April Quarterly meeting. I would also like to thank our new Alt. DCM in District 9 - Mr. Bob G. - for making the trip to LaGrange. Bob, would you please stand and be acknowledged. We have a NEW WOMENS STEP-STUDY MEETING in District 9 The .H.E.A.R.T.. Group @ the Alano ClubHouse in Prestonsburg, Thursdays @ 6:00 PM - They have done an excellent job of organizing a very complete Step Study --- Miranda P & Mary M. We have our annual SPRING WORKSHOP scheduled for the last Saturday in April - April 24th, Sat. @ 8:00 AM in the Old Allen Church - US 23 Allen, K (STEPS 7 - 8 - 9) M. Johnson Video Series. Finally, District 9 would like to wish our new Area 26 Delegate Joy F. - a very enlightening and safe journey to the 60TH GENERAL SERVICE CONFERENCE.


District 10 -- DCM: Joy M.

Thanks District 21 for a fabulous Area meeting - awesome job! Attendance at District 10 meetings continue to be steady. We have a strong core group of trusted servants that attend regularly. I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve as their DCM, and I'm thankful for their support and enthusiasm. Since last report, our District has located it's written Structure. We have made changes to its content, and change to the format of the District meeting itself. We're hoping the change will make us more efficient and consistent. Also, we have created an updated list of meetings within our district's boundaries. With the help of Louisville's Central office and personal visits to groups we have secured most groups contact information and group service numbers. In February we purchased a digital recorder. Our Archivist, Bob Y., will begin recording AA members with 30 years or more for placement in our achieve material. Recently we have had some discussion about groups moving in or out of our District. We haven't located any written guidelines for such moves, but have been informed that Districts are divided by zip codes. More will be revealed as time goes on.


District 11 -- DCM: Cindy S.


Thanks to District 21 for a great lunch and the posted signs. We have 3 new District meetings that are being held in District 11. One of them has received their new group number the two others have applied and we waiting for those. We are in the planning stages of a workshop at the Jeff Token Club May 16th and the topic .I am responsible..


District 12 -- DCM: Jake B (Alt. DCM) for Eddie B.

In March we had our annual Mardi Gras event, with the topic being the Third Legacy of Unity. Tim H. gave a talk on the Traditions. The event went well with about 70 people in attendance. We have decided to buy a one year subscription to the Grapevine for each of our 3 yearly events and raffle off one at each event. The first one was given away at this event. Our District is doing well, attendance at our monthly has almost doubled, and it is great to see more and more groups being active and sending a GSR. Thank you to District 21 for hosting this meeting. Thank you for letting me be of service.


District 13 -- DCM: Bill C.

District 13 would like to thank District 21 for hosting this meeting and all of their hard work. We still enjoy good attendance at our District meetings, which are normally held on the second Sunday of the month at the Pigeon Roost with an average of 16 attending. Our District along with several others hosted a Three Legacies workshop in February at the Care Center. It was very successful with very good attendance, and the speakers were great and informative. Thanks to all who were involved. The District has added Literature and Special Needs committees and we now mirror the Area committees. The PI Chair, Renee G., has been successful in taking copies of the Big Book, Twelve and Twelve and Came to To Believe to the Okolona Library, and is in the process of placing literature in Southern High School and possibly the locale parole office. Corrections Chair, David C., is working with Ed M., and has contacted the Bullitt County jail and the Jefferson County jail to offer assistance with meetings. Rory W. continues to take a meeting to teens at Our Lady of Peace hospital. I continue my effort to make all of the meetings in our District. All new officers continue to settle into their new positions. In addition, I as a DCM have been blessed to be surrounded by great people in the District, and thank them very much for their help and dedication as we together enhance our sobriety.


District 14 -- DCM: Deb R.

District 14 would like to thank District 21 for hosting the 2nd quarter Area 26 meeting. We are truly grateful for the hospitality, wonderful meal and dedicated service in bringing our fellowship to LaGrange. Three of our Districts 13 home groups held group inventories; Paris Group, Frankfort CHIPS and Frankfort 5:16 took an in depth look at how their respective groups were functioning in carrying the AA message to their surrounding areas. Some suggestions included emphasizing the literature and brochures available to newcomers, having a home group member donate a dollar for the newcomer as a gesture to define our 7th tradition. More results will be revealed. The Frankfort 5:16 group celebrated their 1 year anniversary as a home group in February. Our DCM visited and participated in a Bridge the Gap meeting at the Ridge in Lexington; we are currently updating our contact list and meeting schedules in efforts to support potential newcomers as they leave the Treatment facility. Visits are also made monthly to Recovery Works in Georgetown while Bridge the Gap meets weekly on Sundays at the Ridge. District 14 is considering developing a website, as well as, holding a special event to celebrate our District's home groups. Frankfort CHIPS group currently has their own website and is proving successful in communicating their group's meetings and special activities. It was reported at the last District meeting that they had received a hit on the website from Moscow, Russia. The home groups will be bringing their decisions as whether to participate in these functions to the May District meeting. The World Equestrian Games will be bringing thousands of visitors from across the world to Lexington this fall and with it, the need to provide support and meetings for our International friends of Bill W. Evaluation is being given as to how we can prepare to meet this need by an Ad Hoc committee formed by the Bluegrass Intergroup. Many of our District's home groups are in close vicinity of the Horse Park and our GSRs are encouraging our home group members to participate once plans for possible on site meetings are finalized. The Georgetown Blue Chip group has added a women's meeting to their weekly schedule. This meeting will take place at 6 pm on Tuesdays. Also a meeting location has temporarily changed for the Paris Monday and Friday night meetings from the 1st Christian Church for approximately 6 months. The Christian church is requesting our return to meetings at their location once renovation which will include better meeting accommodations' is complete. One of our home group member's commented that it is ironic that a Church would welcome a group of drunks back through their doors. Thank you for letting me be of service.


District 15 -- DCM: Joseph M.

The last 3 months have been interesting and informative. I have been getting acclimated to the position of DCM and its responsibilities the best I can. District 15 has all new GSRs to we have all been learning on the fly. It became apparent that other than Corrections, none of the Committee chair positions have been covered for some time and that it was up to us at the District to do something about that. We had a few discussions about what we should do specifically. It was decided to order all the necessary workbooks and Guidelines for each committee or position to have it available to be helpful to whomever decided to accept a committee position. I am happy to tell you that at the last District 15 committee meeting all Committee chairs positions were filled by GSRs from the District. I am very excited to see how this progresses over time and encouraged to see the commitment to service growing in District 15.


District 16 -- DCM: Jason M.

District 16 continues to have good interest at our District meetings. We have an activity coming up on May 15th at the Liberty Place Women's Treatment Center. The activity is a Traditions panel that will present the Traditions and take questions regarding them. District 16 continues to grow. The 2nd Tradition group is approaching 6 months of existence and is represented at District meetings. District 16 is grateful to Amy B. who has stepped up to be our Treatment chair, as our District has never had a Treatment chair and we have a Treatment Center in our District. We are excited about new opportunities to carry the message there.


District 17 -- DCM: Lee S.

District 17 would like to thank District 21 for hosting the Area meeting. Our GSRs report average attendance at home group meetings. Attendance of our monthly District meetings, have been 83% of GSRs in our District. District 17 has many new GSRs that are looking forward to participating in service. We also have our first Young Peoples Meeting, they call themselves, the .Sicker Than Others. group. Our District also has a newly formed Corrections Committee. This committee just had their first meeting March 19th. We are also selecting GSRs to chair the other committees. We have started a Service Literature workshop for our GSRs and Alternates, and will meet once monthly. Last but not least, District 17 is hosting a Pig Roast slash Three Legacies workshop May 15th in Owensboro, Ky. Thanks to our Area 26 Committee chairs and both our Delegate and Alternate Delegate for their help with this workshop.


District 18 -- DCM: Gene M.

First Area meeting as a DCM. Active in service work on both sides of the river for the last decade. Currently contacting each of the 25 groups. District 18 is currently facilitates meetings in over 30 meetings in three institutions over 12 meetings in three correction facilities. CPC is the gem among our committee. Puts literature in 38 different locations within our District, such as law offices, Doctors offices, Medical Library, high schools, and colleges. As you can see, AA service work is alive and well in District 18.


District 19 -- DCM: David T.

District 19 meets the first Wednesday of each month at 4700 Lowe Road at St. Paul's Episcopal church. We are asking our groups to support the meetings at the Treatment centers in District 19. The central state meeting is at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, (contact Tom McG to attend) and Ten Broeck Treatment Center at the old KMI is at 7 pm on Thursday. District 19 along with 1, 10, 12, 13, 22, 24, and 29 hosted a Three Legacies workshop on February 6th at 9:00 am at the Care Center on Bells Lane in Louisville. Approximately 125 people attended.


District 20 -- DCM: Jeffrey H.

District 20 would like to thank District 21 for hosting this weekend's meeting. The Into Action Group will be holding its annual summer picnic in May. They hope to encourage representation from all of the District's meetings. Jade H. has taken on the Correctional Facilities duties for the District. Noelle N. has taken on the responsibilities of Professional Community liaison for the District. We certainly appreciate their willingness to serve. The Morehead Inspiration Center rehab facility continues to need speakers to give a lead on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at 6 pm. District 20 continues to carry the message to the West Liberty prison on a monthly basis. I would like to thank Joy F. for her updates. I hope to visit and confirm information on all the currently listed meetings in our District. Again, District 20 would like to thank District 21 for hosting this weekend's events.


District 21 -- DCM: Gregory R.

We at District 21 hope everyone is enjoying your stay here at LaGrange, Ky. I must apologize for the fliers I passed out at Hopkinsville, because of the missing and wrong phone number. I am very sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused. In fact, I owe an amends to someone out there who may have a resentment now for the Super 8 Hotel. Other then that, I really want to give it up for the GSRs and officers of District 21. You all have really done a great job at making ME look good. We have some great organizers in this District. All I had to do is bob my head and agree through this whole process. But really, thank you all for your great service. Last but not least, I would like to report that out of 20 groups we have the participation of 14. That is better than half, so we are blessed. Thank you for this honor to serve.


District 22 -- DCM: Vonda J.

We want to thank District 21 and their volunteers for all of the work and effort in hosting the area meeting. The lunch was delicious. District 22 has been working diligently on our structure guidelines for the past several month and it has been approved. The attendance at our District meetings have been outstanding with an average of 12 to 15 members in attendance. We have 10 new GSRs that have been elected by our groups. My thanks to you all for serving. Our District will have a .Send a Big Book to jail dance. at Floyd County Token Club on May 22nd, at 9:30 p.m. Hope to see you there. The 2nd annual Three Legacies workshop hosted by District 1, 10, 12, 13, 19, 22, 24 and 29 was held on February 6 was very fun, informative, and well attended. Thank you for the opportunity to serve. I would like for Tom to stand from District 22 so please stand. We are working on filling the need for Standing committees.


District 23 -- DCM: David K.

The most recent district meeting was held on March 14, 2010 with 6 of the 10 groups in the District represented. We elected an Alternate DCM, new District Treasurer and had a volunteer for District Secretary. We discussed the status of the Corrections committee which continues to carry to the message to the Boyd County Detention Center and the Federal Penitentiary. Our webmaster discussed the status of the local website and reported on the number of hits received since it was established. I was surprised to learn that there was no awareness of Standing committees, their purpose and importance in promoting service work. The spirited discussion that followed included getting the message out to home groups, making it a topic of discussion meetings and getting sponsees and others involved. We also discussed the possibility of putting on another service workshop to promote service work. Everyone present was encouraged to attend the Area Assembly to learn more about their area of interest and to gain insight on how the area works. I believe I'm the only one here so I guess I'll continue encouraging participation and hope for the best. Discussions I had with several people interested in service work revealed they were somewhat uncomfortable coming to LaGrange, hopefully their interest will continue and they'll attend the next assembly with some GSRs. In an effort to establish a regular schedule, our next meeting is Sunday, April 18th with the hope that all groups will be represented.


District 24 -- DCM: John W.

I would like to thank District 21 for hosting this weekend. Will all members of District 24 please stand. District 24 wishes Joy success on her trip.


District 25 - DCM: Gary P.

On March 28th the present DCM came to the Casy Co Group and announced he could no longer be DCM, so groups across the District started announcing a GSR meeting and on 4-4-10 I was elected DCM, and 2 GSRs were present. After the Treasurer report, the Treasurer asked where the District got its money. I then found out that the elected Treasure moved to a different state 1 or 2 years ago and that the books had been passed around until the present Treasurer had said she would do it. No deposits have been made since she took office about 6 months ago. The secretary minutes are still missing, so we are starting over. Of the 2 GSRs present at the District meeting neither will be able to attend area meetings. I have been making meetings in the District making sure groups have the Treasures address and looking for GSRs willing to go to area meetings and serve on committee's and finding little support. One member told me their group use to support the District but since attendance at meetings were low, they started giving all their contributions to the club house. Another member told me he was the only GSR that group ever had and it was because no one else was willing to do it. It seemed a little over whelming and at that time I thought we were the only dark District in Area 26, but looking over the minutes over the last year, and the article Dark Districts I see we are not the only District having problems finding members willing to do service work. I have scheduled another District meeting, maybe we will see a bigger turn out then. I don't know if any of the groups in our District have been registered.


District 26 -- DCM: Brad P.

District 26 would like to thank District 21 for hosting the meeting this weekend. Our District has not had too much going on in the last couple of months. We have had 2 district meetings and have decided on monthly meetings on the 2nd Saturday of each month. GSR attendance has been down. We are trying to get the Committee Chairs filled at a District level. There have been several questions about the Committee Chair positions, so we are in the planning stages of getting some workshops set up in the next couple of months to better inform the group members.


District 27 -- DCM: Mark D.

We have had two District meetings since our last Area meeting, with a good turnout from GSRs. At our last meeting, we had discussions about hosting the July meeting. We talked about location, dates, and assigning people for various duties associated with this. We are also in the process of making plans for the Howling at the Moon annual event. Our next meeting is in May. I would like to take this opportunity to thank District 21 for hosting this meeting.


District 28 -- DCM: Maggie G.

Attendance is good at District meetings, averaging about 15 to 18 members. However, of the 27 groups in District 28, only 37% are represented. The District 28 Secretary position is vacant due to the Secretary's resignation on March 28th. District committees are active. Two chair positions are vacant - Group Awareness and Treatment. Agenda items for the General Service Conference were distributed and reviewed. The District meeting continues to review Service Manual. District 28 is active and committed to .carrying the message to the alcoholic who still suffers. in all aspects of our structure.


District 29 -- DCM: Dalton D.

Thank you to District 21 for hosting. Thank you to our Delegate for her efficient distribution of pertinent Area information. Have been posting service related Literature on the service board at the Token Club. It has been well received as Literature continues to disappear from it. Purchased two Grapevine subscriptions for the purpose of inventory for a lending library at the club. Have a group focused on putting on a Three Legacies workshop for the Token Club to be held sometime during the 3rd quarter. Continually trudging along. As a reminder, District 29 monthly District committee meetings are held at 6:30 pm on the 1st Tuesday of every month at the Token Club off of Dutchmann's Lane in Louisville.


District 30 -- DCM: Katrina C.

No report.


District 31 -- DCM: Cindy T.

District 31 was excited to host the hospitality room for the Area 26 January meeting in Hopkinsville. Several groups were involved in making this a success. We were able to get some women from the Trilogy Center involved with service work. This quarter we continued in our growth as a District. The Purpose Group out of Morganfield was visited. I offered to lend a hand in any way I could and encouraged them to attend the District meetings. Although they do not have a GSR, the group appears to be under construction. The Dixon Group reached out for help and myself along with the CPC Chair person, visited that group to assist with some challenges they are having with Drug Court. They were happy to have us attend. I also encouraged them to attend the District meetings. The Fair Weather Group folded after many years during this quarter. Their money, along with their meeting dates and times were given/absorbed by the YPG. The Dawson Springs meeting maintains their status quo. They will be have a Karaoke dance May 8, 2010 starting at 7:30 pm. The Red Door continues to have a potluck dinner the last Friday of each month through May. The GSR position remains open. The Young Peoples Group elected a new GSR. Meldoy R is now serving in that position. Our noon meetings seem to be flourishing as our evening meetings have dropped off slightly. The Serenity House, where the YPG is located, celebrated their 25th anniversary on March 27, 2010. The Weaverton Group invited myself along with the CPC chairperson to attend one of their business meetings. Concerns about how to improve relations between the groups and the WARM center were discussed. The corrections chairperson stepped down after many years of dedicated service. Meldoy R took the position as the new chair. Again referring to the above, CPC has been busy meeting with the WARM center and the Weaverton group. CPC also met with the Dixon group in hopes to bridge relations between Drug Court and that group. We met with the WARM center in Henderson, offering them help compiling a list of speakers that may be available to speak there. Concerns about improving relations between the WARM center and the Weaverton group were also addressed. Our District discussed the idea of hosting a future Area meeting. We took it back to our groups. After getting our groups feedback, it was decided that due to the lack of people to participate in all the service that is required to Host an event like this, we tabled the idea.


District 32 -- DCM: Dick W.

The status of AA in District 32 is strong. We continue to have strong attendance at our existing meetings and we have added several new meetings. One of the new meetings is our Daily Eye Opener meeting. It meets seven days a week at 7:30 am at the Alano Club in Florence. This meeting is averaging 18 members each day. We have also added a meeting at St. Elizabeth Florence Hospital (formerly St. Luke West) in the mental health unit on Mondays and Thursdays. We continue to support several jail meetings for both male and female inmates. We continue to supply Big Books for these meetings. We are also very excited to have added several new members to our District 32 team.


District 33 -- DCM: Lona B.

District 33 has now grown to 14 groups, with the recent addition of .Walk the Talk. group, which meets at the Woodman of the World building in Benton on Thursday evenings at 6:00 p.m. and another new group, .The Library Group. which meets Sunday evening at 4:30 p.m. at the Benton Public Library. At the December meeting hosted by the Princeton Group, GSRs voted to hold District meetings every two months, rather than every three months, as had been traditional. At the February meeting, hosted by the Benton-Fairdealing Group, GSRs voted to hold a special meeting on February 27 to conduct a District Inventory for the purpose of determining how closely groups in the District were conforming to the Traditions. At that February 27 meeting, Group Inventory forms from the General Service Office were distributed to the General Service Representatives present in order to assist the individual groups in assessing potential problems. It was also noted at that meeting that the District had no alternates for any of the District Offices, and - a quorum being present - the GSRs voted to elect an alternate DCM immediately, and to elect an alternate Secretary and alternate Treasurer at the next meeting of the District, already scheduled for April 17, to be hosted by the Murray Group. The new alternate DCM elected at the February 27 meeting, Lona B., is now serving as DCM following the resignation of Mike L.


District 34 -- DCM: Jeff N.

District 34 is doing well. The Bremen Group had it's 24th anniversary on February 20th. It was well attended, somewhere in the 75-80 range. Jeff P. from Owensboro was the speaker and he did a wonderful job. The food was excellent. We all ate more than we needed. The Greenville group has moved again. They are still meeting on Thursday night at 7:30. They have moved to the Methodist Church at 144 N. Main St. in Greenville. I am happy to say there is now a Alanon meeting in Greenville. The Central City Group still seems to have some problems with the drug court people. It has gotten better because a few have been asked to leave because they were disrupting the meeting. It seemed to have a positive affect the behavior of the ones still attending the meeting. All of the members of District 34 who where involved with the State Convention are relieved it's over. We all really enjoyed the service work…including the two .Coffee Boys."


District 35 -- DCM: Gary F.

I would like to thank District 21 for hosting our Area meeting. District 35 is working hard to try to carry the message in Northern Kentucky. We still have some group's that are in District 35 but are going to be in 6, or 18. I wonder why we have a District. I think it does hurt us in the long run. That is not the way I was brought up. What scares me is that the old timers with 20 and 30 plus years are doing this. Where are we going from here. What are our kids Grandkids going to do. But on the other hand, we have our PI committee, Jason, who is doing good. Treatment, Tandy is doing well too. Our CPC chairperson stepped down as he has some things that have happened so he cannot do it anymore. We are still planning to have workshops but the building is not available at this time. We are thinking about have a website for District 35. Paul C. is going to let us know if he can or cannot. We are going to put a plaque in are meetings and one in our club house to let people know you are in District 35 and the time and place where we meet. We have a new meeting that started. Rhythm in Recovery. It's artists and musicians but it is not required to attend. We went out to the meeting and tried to get them to the District meeting.


District 36 -- DCM: Lucio L.

No report.




Host Committee and Intergroup Reports

Louisville Host committee - Angie S. - Co-Chairperson

I would like to thank District 21 for hosting this weekend. We are getting very excited about the 19th Falls City Convention, which will be held June 4-6, 2010, at the Holiday Inn Lakeview in Clarksville, IN. Exit 1. Right over the bridge from Louisville. Our theme is The Three Legacies. We have several events planned for the weekend which include 4 AA speakers, an Alanon speaker and an Alateen panel. In addition, the local groups will chair breakout meetings throughout the weekend. We have planned two workshops, featuring some of our very own Area 26 elite. Lynda R. will be putting on .Welcome to Service. and Barbara F., George J., and Charles W. will speak on a panel workshop called .How we pass it on.. Our Basic Message, Sponsorship in Recovery and Service, and Communication-The Language of AA. Which will be chaired by our very own Delegate, Joy F. We are so excited and grateful for their participation. Entertainment both Friday and Saturday night and Hospitality room with sweet and salty treats will please everyone. We ask that All DCMs and GSRs please grab some fliers to give to your Districts. If any of the Area chairs would like to display a table, speak to me after this meeting and we will get that worked out. We hope to see all of you there! Thank you again.


Owensboro Host Committee - Jeff N.

The 59th Kentucky State Convention is over and done. The Owensboro Host Committee would like to thank all of those who participated in any way, shape or form. We had over 480 attending in spite of the weather. Due to the low attendance it appeared we were not even going to break even. After talking with the present Area 26 Delegate and all past Delegates who were at the Convention, the Host committee decided to pass the basket. The basket was enough to keep us from going in the hole. Once again it is always amazing to me, how in AA with God's will for us and the help of another Alcoholic anything is possible. The new Chairman of the Owensboro Host Committee is Brett G. I have really enjoyed and valued my time with the Owensboro Host Committee. I will not miss the stress!


Bluegrass Intergroup - Kent D.

Due to winter weather, the January Intergroup meeting was cancelled. There were approximately 50 in attendance at the February and March meetings. Of the eight standing committees, seven have a chairperson. An ad hoc committee has been formed to look into how the Bluegrass Intergroup might be of service to the World Equestrian Games (9/25/10-10/10/10) when we expect over 500,000 visitors. The annual Bluegrass Intergroup picnic has been scheduled for June 19, 2010. The Bluegrass Intergroup continues to operate below the Finance Committee recommendations for the operating expense reserve and the prudent reserve although the Intergroup checking account and the reserve balance remain in the black.


Greater Louisville Intergroup - Bill F.

We want to thank District 21 for hosting the Area 26 meeting this quarter. Also, thanks to all who serve Area 26. Greater Louisville Intergroup Inc has accepted the resignations of both our Office Manager Helen (TeeDy) R. and Recording Secretary Carol J. Helen was office manager for 25 years and Carol was Secretary for 6 years. Thanks to both of them for a job well done. Our new Office Manager will be Bruce H. and the new Recording Secretary is Ted J. Our next Quarterly will be on April 24th at the Saffin Center, 3938 Poplar Level Rd. Hazel will be our speaker. Hope to see you there!!! Our Central Office and Answering Service had 2098 calls and 43 Twelve Step Calls. Visitors to our Central Office 258. Website 5,868. Emails answered 47.


Northern Kentucky Intergroup - Barbara B.

Northern Kentucky Intergroup wishes to thank the hosting committee providing this weekend. At present all is going well in Northern Kentucky. Our office manager, Bill E. works diligently to keep the office up to par. Mick S. is the new editor or our newsletter. He is very excited and has a lot of new ides. Since many groups do not support our Central Office we have to come up with some fundraising ideas. New Year's Eve we sponsored a dance which was very successful. At the dance a raffle took place which included 2 free trips to San Antonio, 2 plane tickets, 2 registrations, and 2 accommodations at a hotel. Soon a pig roast is being scheduled with activities for all ages. Our attendance at IGR meetings is growing each month. It's great to see new faces and share what is going on in Northern Kentucky. With the help of the cell phone, our HOT LINE and those who accept the responsibility of manning it, it is a huge success. Each IGR was presented with a binder containing pertinent information. By laws, lists of groups in Northern Kentucky, IGR meeting schedule etc. On behalf of those here in Northern Kentucky, we send our support and prayers with Joy as she represents us at the General Service Conference. We are still struggling to get histories for all the groups in Northern Kentucky.


Western Kentcuky Intergroup - Lona B.

Several District members were present at a recent meeting of the West Kentucky Intergroup to assist in developing an Internet website for the Intergroup, and a front page is now on line with construction of the site underway. The site will soon include meeting dates, times and places, as well as links to G.S.O. literature and general information. The developing site can be seen at Twelfth step work at correctional facilities in the District continues, with A.A. meetings now being held at the Marshall, Calloway, Graves, and Christian County jails. Meetings at the State-run farm facility near Fredonia in Lyon County have been getting smaller, as male inmates are moved out and women inmates are moved in. The facility should be .all women. by July 1 of this year, and it has been suggested that it might be more appropriate for women to begin facilitating the A.A. meetings there, as they presently do for women in the four county correctional facilities now served. Rapid growth and change are never accomplished without some problems, and the national economy has certainly affected individual Group, District, and Intergroup financial support-in some instances severely-but attendance at meetings continues steady and upward, and District groups continue to work together to overcome the difficulties that always accompany progress.






Archives - David D. for David W., Chairperson

Yesterday morning we had 12 people present at the Archives committee meeting. Past Area Archives chair, Clinton T., led the meeting filling in for David W., your present Archives chair. There seems to be a lot of interest in the Archives. We talked a little bit about the contents of the building and what is available to the public. We also raised several questions on the agenda items or at least one of them. The first one we really didn't disucss that much, because it is basically reviewing the Archives workbook, changing some typos and also some grammar issues. On the second agenda item for the 2010 General Service Conference, was to review the report from the Trustees Archives committee on the feasibility of developing a format for Power Point presentation, for a self-guided tour of GSO's AA Archives. This will convey the experience of visiting GSO and the Archives for those who have not yet visited the General Service Office in New York. We managed to come up with a few questions for the Delegate to take to New York, such as, what is the cost of this project? Is it really needed? Will it affect the selling of the video Markings on the Journey. Is it possible this could be considered promotion? Those are just a few that we came up with. All and All I think we had a really good meeting with a lot of interest in the history contained in the Archives. Thank you District 21 for all that you have done. Great job! To all of those who were present yesterday at the Archives committee meeting, please stand and be recognized. Thanks for the opportunity to service.


Cooperation with Professional Community (CPC) - - Charlie S., Chairperson

I would like to thank District 21 for Hosting this Area meeting. There is not too much to report. The Quarterly Report from GSO dated February 2010, states that the Committee reviewed and accepted with appreciation the report from the Subcommittee regarding the process of evaluating CPC exhibits and the 2010 Exhibit Schedule. The Subcommittee reports includes a revised Exhibit Evaluation Form. We have expressed interest in CPC work throughout the area. I have requests to conduct CPC workshops in several Districts. I would like to ask this body that if you are planning an event, that you would like for me to attend to conduct a CPC workshop, if you would please see me after the meeting so that I can plug them into my calendar the anticipated date. Yesterday's workshop was well attended. We have several members that are new to service. It is always nice to see new interest and energy in doing CPC work. Gary F., from District 35, is still struggling that Drug Court are requesting Drug Court clients to fill out an application to be a Sponsor. Gary met with a member from Drug Court to explain to them that this is a violation of our Traditions. After explaining to them how it works, he thinks that it will make a difference. Mark D, reports that District 27 is hosting a workshop with invitations going out to Judges, Lawyers, Clergy, Jailers, and State Troopers. This being an election year, Mark thinks that this will give a Forum for both those that are running for office an opportunity to meet with their constituents and give us an opportunity to explain to them what AA is and what AA is not. We discussed the need to distribute literature to your Doctors. This literature can include past issues of the Grapevine for their office waiting room. Georgiana R., District 14, brought to my attention that in doing CPC work we may want to contact the State Public Defenders office with the intention of distributing contact information for AA. For all those who attend yesterday's workshop, please stand and be recognized. I would like to thank this body for the opportunity to serve and your CPC chairperson.


Corrections - - Cathy B., Chairperson

During the last quarter, I spoke at the State Convention in Owensboro on .How I Got Into Service. on a workshop panel. I also spoke at Blackburn Correctional Institute and Pee Wee Valley Correctional Institute for Women. I answered several pre-release requests from inmates, giving them information on where to find AA meetings upon their release from prison. A P.O. Box for Corrections has been set up. That address is: Area 26 Corrections P.O. Box 8026 Lexington, KY 40533-8026. I will be presenting a Corrections workshop in Owensboro on May 15 at the same time that Joy F. will be giving her delegate's report. We still need more male pen pals for inmates. I have pamphlets to explain how the pen pal program works. We discussed agenda items pertaining to Corrections to be discussed at the 2010 General Service Conference. Proposed revisions and additions to Corrections pamphlets were approved. No changes to the Corrections kit were recommended. Sponsorship agreements were discussed, and it was agreed that signing these papers would be up to the conscience of the AA Corrections volunteer. Legally binding documents were discussed as well. Some of these documents must be signed in order to volunteer in a correctional facility. Other documents, such as those pertaining to the Prison Rape Elimination Act do not have clear cut solutions. It was suggested that a disclaimer be given to the inmates, stating that AA volunteers are not protected in court and may be  subject to subpoena. This would give the inmate the information needed before he/she decides to disclose potentially legally binding information to an AA volunteer in a confidential discussion.


Grapevine - - Joe O., Chairperson

Theme - how can we help or carry the message with the Grapevine-.It's our meeting in print. Individually a) leave a Grapevine in your Doctor's office; b) see if your home group has a subscription; c) have a Grapevine meeting once a month at your home group; d) read a joke out of the Grapevine each month to your home group; e) give a Grapevine subscription as a gift to a sponsee or people who can't get to a meeting; f) get active and become a Grapevine Representative for your home group or find a member to do this important job; and g) visit AA to get information. Group/District 1) Grape-a-thon. 2) Have a Grapevine skit at your group or District picnic. 3) Invite Joe to come to do a Grapevine workshop. 4) Create a lending library at your group with the Grapevine with current or back issues. 5) Have a Grapevine display at all Intergroup meetings, AA conference, District meetings and AA events.

Donate a Grapevine to prisons, hospitals and institutions. Financial Concerns of increased cost of Grapevine

a) less accessible to still suffering alcoholics; b) who makes the decision to increase the price; c) problems with subscriptions; d) writing a letter and staffing with it has helped. Ask Joy F. to carry to the Conference a need to bring down the cost of the Grapevine.


Kentuckiana Newsletter - - Amy B., Chairperson

We had a great meeting yesterday. Our first item of business was my apology for what I thought at the time was one mistake I had made. As you may have noticed by now there is no Committee Chair interview in the current issue. This was an error on my part and I have taken steps to make sure this will not happen again. I am glad my Higher power has a sense of humor and loves teaching moments. I have now apologized to Debbie C. and John S. for leaving their committees out of the list of chairs and I want to thank everyone who helped with not one but two corrections parties we had yesterday. At our last meeting the committee agreed a new display board was needed. I am happy to say this has been accomplished. Please stop by and take a look and let us know what you think of the new display. I reviewed all of the materials that were passed along to me from the previous chair. One of the things I discovered were extra copies of newsletters some going back several years. Please help yourself to any of the newsletters on the table. Our next newsletter comes out in July. Our topic for July is .Weeding Out Character Defects. and the deadline for submissions is June 1st. The committee discussed making the fall newsletter a service oriented issue. With this in mind our October newsletter topic will be .Pass It On.. There was a question about use of this title and after checking with our literature chair we have determined that this is acceptable with an appropriate disclaimer. Deadline for submissions for the October issue is September 1st. Most of the committee attendees will be sending an article about their experience with service. We will continue with articles about the concepts. In our next issue Rita has graciously agreed to write an article on Concepts 4 - 6. Please be sure and read Linda's article .What? A Concept. in the current issue. Our Committee Chair interview will be our Literature Chair George J. We continue to explore the cost of changing the design of the newsletter to actual news print paper and an estimate from another printer has ensured the printer we currently use is cost effective. Two things we need to be aware of came up in our meeting yesterday that we will continue to discuss in coming months. First the print costs continue to rise and we are currently looking at how many newsletters we actually print, if this is the most economical way to do the newsletter in the changing age of technology. The second issue is the continuing use of a post office box. I believe this discussion will be ongoing and we will keep you informed as we go along. We were able to distribute newsletters to all but two districts yesterday. If anyone is here or lives close to districts 8 or 30 and would be willing to take their newsletters to them we would appreciate it. Finally please remember this is your newsletter. We need your ideas, suggestions and submissions. The newsletter is another way for you to share your experience, strength and hope. Feel free to contact me with any concerns, suggestions ideas or topics. Thank you for allowing me to be of service.


Literature - - George J., Chairperson

I would, on behalf of the committee, express appreciation to District 21 on the great job of hosting our Area committee meeting. We opened our Literature Committee meeting with the Serenity Prayer followed by introductions of those present. Several documents were handed out, including .Guidelines on Literature Committees., Conference Agenda Items on Literature etc. Guidelines on Literature Committees was discussed, highlighting the importance of literature in regards to AA Unity, and the purpose and responsibilities of Literature Committee from the group through to the Conference and Trustees. We had a brief discussion on the Conference Approved Literature development process. This occurred during the sharing on Literature agenda item (G). Discussion was spirited as we shared regarding the clarification of responsibilities of the Publications Departments Editorial Staff. It was the consensus of the committee that the integrity of Conference Approved Literature was too important to not approve this motion. Our committee greatly benefited from experience shared by one of our Past Delegates Jim S. Jim offered a historical model of past challenges and inconsistencies that have occurred and the manner by which corrections were made when the Editorial staff overstepped its responsibilities and/or ignored Conference Advisory Actions. Most of the committees' time was spent discussing agenda item (C) - Motion to Develop Literature on Spirituality including stories from Atheist and Agnostics successfully sober in AA. I personally appreciated the Committee open minded effort in discussing such a controversial and passionate issue. Again very passionate sharing of a broad range of personal experience coupled with an open minded acceptance and tolerance of alternative views was the standard. For a very effective and informative discussion. It was shared by Jim S. (Past Delegate) that he felt as being part of the early discussion on the development of our .Basic Text. - Big Book. As we sifted thru excerpts of background material and personal experience and insights, the consensus of the committee emerged. And that was that we need not publish any Literature that is inconsistent with our message and the Basic Text, and that our Literature as it exist currently opens the door wide enough to be inclusive. Hold no bar against alternative belief systems and/or backgrounds. A vote was taken after substantial discussion, the committee spoke 4 in favor, 10 opposed to the development of this literature piece.


Public Information - - John A., Chairperson

First, thanks to those who attended yesterday's meeting. We had a total of seven (7) people in attendance. Would those who were there, please stand? We'd also like to thank District 21 for hosting us this weekend. 1. There was one anonymity break this quarter. An advertisement was published in the LEO Weekly in Louisville just this past week for a Serenity Retreat at Mount Saint Francis Center for Spirituality. I'm in the process of finalizing an email to Mount Saint Francis regarding their breach of our traditions 6, 11, and 12. A biography of an AA member active in Indianapolis was included. AA was mentioned six times. I will also try to contact the member in

Indianapolis. The committee had some good ideas on how to word my response. 2. Handed out short and long form of traditions with further discussion on how to handle anonymity breaks. 3. I briefed the committee on the background material for the General Service Conference in April. The main points we covered were the use of full faces in PSA's, anonymity breaks on the internet, and changing the format on the national website to flash video streaming for the PSA's to make it harder for others to copy and edit our own videos. There were seventy three pages of material discussing the use of full faces in PSA's in the background material. Most of the anonymity breaks on the internet are being seen on social networking sites. 4. Chris W. of Dist. 13 reported that their new PI chair was doing a great job. Becky T. from Dist. 3 said that her committee now has six (6) volunteers and has been placing Big Books in local libraries, passing out meeting schedules, and they have PSA's running in Bowling Green. Jason T. from Dist. 35 reported that his PI committee now has 4 volunteers. 5. I was able to show a couple of the new videos from the Young People's Video project. Due to my ineptitude with using the video equipment, we were not able to see all of them. I handed out submission forms for the Young People's Video project as that is an ongoing project for the Trustee's Committee for Public Information. 6. In January, I participated in the Service panel at the Kentucky State Convention at Owensboro. It was a good experience.


Registrar - - Chris T., Chairperson

I would like to thank the folks in District 21 for hosting this event and being of service to all the alcoholics in Area 26. During the last quarter we completed the monumental task of putting together the 2010 Area 26 Directory. It is now as complete and updated with hopefully accurate information. If there are any changes required please notify me as soon as possible. We have the following data to report that is currently on the GSO data concerning groups within Area 26.


Total groups registered: 1247

Total .Active. groups: 678

Total .Inactive. groups: 528

Unknown groups: 0

Incomplete groups: 0

Merged groups: 35

New groups: 1 (Good Shepard Group in Florence, Kentucky)

Pending .Active.: 2 (one in Benton and 1 in Franklin)

Pending .Inactive.: 3

The three groups listed as pending inactive are: The Great Reality Group in Florence, The Strange But Sober Group in Walton and The Schnitzelburg Group in Louisville. It saddens me to see groups go into an inactive status, generally this situation is usually brought on by financial difficulties for the group. This is why it is extremely important to not only attend your home group on a regular basis but also support the group financially. If you don't support the group who will?


Special Needs - - Debbie C., Chairperson

I would like to thank District 21 for hosting the Assembly this weekend, for the wonderful facility here at the school, the comfortable tables and chairs, the wonderful rooms at Comfort Suites, and, I suppose they are also responsible for this wonderful spring weather. Since the last assembly, I have been called once to ask if I could participate in a district workshop-but it was on a weekday, and unfortunately, I still have a full-time job, so I was unable to attend. Please do consider me when you plan an event, I will be able to participate if it is on a weekend. Otherwise, I have not done much in my capacity as Special Needs Chair until this weekend. The committee met yesterday; there were five members in attendance-up 3 from January-we're growing! Two of those in attendance were DCM's coming in support of their District's Special Needs committee and I am grateful for their commitment to carrying the message of recovery to all who are in need. During our meeting we discussed the proposed recovery pamphlet for newcomers or prospective members of AA who may have special needs. While we are in support of this pamphlet, we do have some issues which I will discuss later today as we continue the session on the General Service Conference Agenda Items. Would all those who attended the Special Needs Committee meeting yesterday and are still here, please stand and be recognized for your work in service for your district?


Treatment Facilities - - Brian S., Chairperson

I would like to thank District 21 for hosting this meeting and for their great hospitality this weekend. Also, thanks to the area for the opportunity to serve as your treatment facilities chairperson. At the treatment facilities committee meeting yesterday, we had a total of 25 people in attendance. Our attendance more than doubled from the January meeting with several people returning from the last meeting. I'm very optimistic about the future of this committee. During the meeting we reviewed General Service Conference Committee on Treatment Facilities/ Special Needs/ Accessibilities agenda items B, C, & D. It is the conscience of the Area 26 treatment facilities committee to not support these agenda items. With the remaining time in our meeting we resumed focus on the committee's goals for this cycle. Each district is strongly encouraged to order their own treatment facilities kit including the Hope 2009 DVD. Sample letters to Facility Administrators were circulated to be used as a template for each individual locality. As in anything, the first step is always the hardest. But we hope to be in treatment settings supporting AA's singleness of purpose soon. The Area 26 Treatment Committee requests all D.C.M.'s have a G.S.R. join the treatment committee. As your Treatment chairperson, I will be participating in the District 24 Service Workshop on Wednesday April 14th, 2010. It will be held at St. Mark's Episcopal Church 2822 Frankfort Ave in Louisville, KY 40206. I have also accepted an invitation to speak at the Area 64 Treatment Facilities Workshop Saturday May 15th, 2010 in Murfreesboro, TN. If any districts would like to do a workshop, please contact me at . Thanks again for the opportunity to serve.


Website - - Jon S., Chairperson

Thank you District 21 for a great show, especially the doughnuts. Would those from District 21 who helped please stand. Thank you all for letting me serve. I love this job even with the heck that comes with it. Keep the cards and letters coming and pictures of your meeting places. I got to do a workshop this past quarter. One in Gilbertsville and the other in Maysville. Both went very well. Western Kentucky Intergroup now has a website. I must be getting better because their website looks better than ours. You really need to check it out at Joe D will be taking care of their site and he is doing a great job. He is lightening my load because I can now link the meetings to their site. Being local can keep them much more up-to-date. That same goes for Districts and other Intergroups and groups websites. We now have three Intergroup, one District and two groups have their own websites. A few other Districts are talking about starting their own websites. I am glad to help any group, District or Intergroup who wants to set up a site. Both workshops worked in different ways. At the last Area meeting, I was given a flyer by a registered group about a picnic they were having. I put it on our website before the end of January. Then I spoke at a workshop in early March. Within a week after the workshop, Lynda got an email saying it was put on by another organization outside of AA that the group associates with and should not be on our website. I don't know why they didn't call. What I do in these cases is take it off the site while I contact the group, then the DCM to verify the event is an AA event before I put it back on our site. Now I will only post events submitted by an Area committee member, i.e. officers, Standing Committee chairs or DCMs. I should have been doing this all along. I am sorry and ask for your forgiveness. If I owe anyone an amends, please let me know. We have started working on a website policy. Lynda Rivers has volunteered to help. She said, .No sacrifice is too great to make for AA,. so she is in it for the long haul along with the Website committee. It may take a couple meetings. When we are finished we will present it as any other agenda item. Since it will become policy, if you approve it, it still goes back to the groups for their approval.



Officers Reports


Welcome to Service Workshop - Lynda R, Alternate Delegate

We started out by reviewing this weekend's agenda and what to expect during the course of the Area Meeting. We discussed the importance of communication between the GSRs and the DCMs throughout the process to ensure that the voice of the groups is heard. Then we reviewed how items make it onto the Area's Agenda. We talked about the importance of becoming familiar with the Service Manual, the Traditions and the Concepts, learning what the duties/expectations are of our various service positions and how important it is to ask questions. We talked about the value of having a service sponsor to help guide us in our journey in service. Just like everything else in AA, it's better when it's we, not me. And, we talked about the benefits of rotation. We discussed the tools we have to help us do our jobs. The answers to most of the questions we have can be found in our literature. We also have a wealth of accumulated experience/information that is ours for the asking if we contact our General Service Office. And, there is a lot of information available at, and We briefly reviewed the purpose of each of our standing committees, as well as some of the General Service Conference Agenda items that would be discussed in committee. We also talked about the Southeast Regional Forum coming up in December and what a great opportunity that is to learn, ask questions and share experience. We also touched on the benefits of being involved in service. It's where a lot of us learned to be accountable and to be responsible. There were 52 people in attendance at the workshop, with lots of participation, questions and sharing of information. Will all those that attended, please stand and be recognized. You made it a great workshop. Thanks for being there.


Chairperson's Report - Barbara F.

Thanks to District 21 an awful lot. I would like to apologize to this body for some errors in January that I made. In order of things, Robert Rules ultimate results were the same in votes and decisions. I will try to do better and apologize for that. One of biggest things that has struck me in this first quarter, is that I am getting calls from Groups and Districts and emails, from AA members. Although I am willing to help in any way that I can, generally what I can do and what is asked of me are two different things. I think for me the solution to most of the problems that have been reported to me are workshops in educating our own selves in the Traditions. The only thing that I can do is try to educate, to share my experience, strength and hope and absolutely willing to do that. If you call me, and I suggest a workshop, that is not trying to slough you off, that's my solution. Please call or email me with questions, problems or concerns. My suggested solution may be some kind of a workshop whether it involves me, or Area Officers, or anyone who has knowledge of the Traditions. Our previous P.I. Chair, Tom B., has been appointed as a Committee member for the Public Information committee at the General Service Conference and will be there at the General Service Conference. That is a real testament to Tom. I went to the Delegate's get-together since we last met and there will be reports from that from Joy and Lynda. It is always a good meeting and helps tremendously to get the Delegate familiar with the some faces and procedures. I appreciate this body allowing me to go to help in that regards. I appreciate the opportunity to serve. Please call me or email me and please ask me to come to a workshop.


Alternate Delegate's Report - Lynda R.

Thank you to District 21 for hosting this weekend. I appreciate everything that you've done to help make this a successful weekend for all of us. And thanks for stepping up and saying yes to the challenge of hosting. It's hard work, but like everything else in AA, well worth the effort. For those Districts that haven't hosted one of these deals, I encourage you to give it a try. There's nothing like coming together on a project to unify the District. I'd like to thank the Area for allowing me the opportunity and privilege to attend the Delegates' Get-together in Atlanta. What an awesome experience that was. As Alternate Delegate it was a watch and learn weekend for me. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the other Delegates, past Delegates and Alternate Delegates from the Southeast Region as well as our current and past Trustees. They are truly a remarkable group of people, dedicated to and passionate about AA. It was interesting to hear about everyone's experience at the General Service Conference and about what's going on in other Areas. I got to see the fellowship working at its best - where, in an effort to be helpful to each other, people shared openly about the great things that were happening as well as the difficulties they were experiencing. There were two Delegates that had the opportunity to attend last quarter's board weekend and their reporting on that experience was both positive and reassuring. Barbara, Joy and I traveled to Atlanta together and Joy and I shared a room. Thanks again Barbara for doing all the driving and Joy for being a great roomy and putting up with my snoring. I enjoyed the time I got to spend with these two lovely ladies and look forward to continuing to serve with them. I'd also like to thank the Kentuckiana Newsletter Committee for asking me to contribute an article on the first three Concepts. Though I didn't say so at the time, my initial reaction to the request was typically alcoholic, .Are you kidding me? I can't do that. I haven't written an article on anything since high school and I don't know enough.. But you all taught me to say yes, so I did. Saying yes, forced me to ask questions and to try and learn and understand more by reading and re-reading the Service Manual, searching the Grapevine archives for articles and last, but not least, communicating with my service sponsor. All very good things. So thank you. It brought it all home, one more time, that if I want the hand of AA always to be there, I am responsible. The remainder of my time this quarter was spent reviewing the background material for the General Service Conference. As always, that's been interesting and informative reading. I'm still slightly amused by the instructions in my welcome letter from the General Service Office that told me to not only read everything that I'm sent, but also to retain it. Most days I can't remember what I need at the grocery store that I wrote down on the list that I managed to leave on the kitchen counter. So retention of 730 pages of background material is a pretty tall order. I'd like to thank District 17 and the Louisville Host Committee for inviting me to participate in their upcoming workshops. I'm really looking forward to both events and I hope to see a lot of you there. I'm also hoping to see you at the International Convention in San Antonio, celebrating 75 years of A.A. There are a handful of us from Louisville that are going Greyhound to San Antonio and we'd like to invite you to join us on that trip. It will be 24 hours (each way) of fellowship and fun and maybe even a meeting or two. There are still opportunities to be of service at the Convention. For more information check out the volunteer website at There are also service opportunities in the Southeast Region's hospitality room on Saturday morning. In addition plans are being made to have a Kentucky breakfast on Friday morning and a Kentucky ice cream social Saturday night following the meeting at the Alamo Dome. As more information becomes available about specific times and hotels for these events I'll pass that on.


Delegate's Report - Joy F.

Thanks to District 21 for their hospitality and hard work this weekend. Thanks also to each of you for being here today and for your service to A.A. Welcome especially to any .first-timers., we hope you ALL come back!

Dates to remember

International Convention (San Antonio/July 1-4) over 34,000 members Registered! (Volunteer opportunities available) check

Southeast Regional Conference Doral Golf Resort (www.54.flstateconvention) Miami/August 11-15, 2010

Southeast Region Forum Springmaid Beach and Conference Center (Myrtle Beach/December 10-12, 2010)

In Area 26

May 8,--Northern KY After Conference Report

May 15,--Owensboro After Conference Report

June 4th-5th Falls City, -- Louisville Service Workshop

July Area Quarterly-Cave City KY

After Conference Reports

Invite me to your District for a report after the conference so I can tell you all about it!

State Convention

It's been a fairly busy quarter already with the January Area meeting, followed quickly by the State Convention and then the Delegate's get-together in February. The state convention in Owensboro was fairly well attended considering the snow storm which arrived on Friday. I'm sure the host committee would have liked to have had more participation, but those of us that were there enjoyed it very much. The speakers were great and I liked the venue, at the Sports complex. Thanks to all of you who helped make that event possible. Thanks to the host committee for making space available for the Area 26 committees to put up their displays and hold a workshop.

District Workshop

I attended a workshop in District 30 in Maysville on .Unity and Service.. Thanks to District 30 for including me in the event and for all the great food and fellowship. I encourage all the Districts to take advantage of the Area officers for local workshops in your areas.


Preparing for General Service Conference: Practicing A.A.'s Principles: A Pathway to Unity

The main activity I've been doing this last quarter is preparing for the General Service Conference. There's quite a bit of material to read, but I found it all very interesting and look forward to hearing your thoughts on the agenda items. While I have read over all of it, I've especially concentrated on the committees that I have been assigned… (Finance and Archives.) I got a call the other night from the Chair of the Conference Finance Committee. We had a pleasant talk. Before the conference the practice is to not talk about the issues, so it was more of a social call. I know it's going to be a long full week, but I'm very excited, honored and grateful to be going as your Delegate for Area 26. I can tell already that this is another .life changing. experience for me in sobriety.

AAWS Highlights & Quarterly Reports from GSO

The AAWS highlights give a general report of the board meeting. If you didn't get the AAWS Highlights or the full board minutes, and would like to, let me know. The Quarterly Report gives a brief financial statement as well as committee highlights.

Over 1700 new groups were registered last year . Area 26-- percentage of Groups Contributing 2009 Increase---48.31% (2009) compared to 45.38 %. (2008)


Anonymity Breaks

I received a letter from GSO about what happens when there is an Anonymity break. Usually a letter is sent to the Delegate, who can .lovingly. remind the A.A. member about Anonymity. The policy is not to contact the media because it is not their responsibility to keep our traditions, however, they do send out an annual letter letting them know about it. Anonymity has become a significant issue, because so many people are breaking it on the internet and especially on Social Networking sites. Please be careful about using full names, photos and the name Alcoholics Anonymous when you are on the web. The spiritual tradition of Anonymity is still an important principle in today's world.

Letter from 2010 International Convention Coordinator

Reflecting guidance from the Additional Consideration of the 1999 Conference Committee on International Conventions/Regional Forums, the trustees Committee on International Conventions/Regional Forums suggest that the area/state/provincial committees be made aware that experience has shown that planning a local A.A. event such as a convention, too near the dates of an International Convention may result in a smaller attendance at the local event; this notice to be sent out annually starting three years prior to each International Convention..

A.A.'s Southeast Region

The other event I attended was the SE Region's Delegates' Get together in Atlanta. The get-together is mainly for the purpose of getting the new delegates prepared to attend the GSC. We discussed the guidelines for conducting business for the Southeast Region among other things, but decided not to vote on the issue at that venue. The end result is that the current SE Delegates and Trustee will vote on the guidelines at the Delegates' luncheon at the General Service Conference. Also at the get-together, our current SE regional Trustee, El N. gave a report, from the January Board meeting in Rye, NY (The Delegates who chair the Conference Committees were invited to attend the January Board meeting, and all who spoke about it were very positive about the experience! They felt the board was really making an effort to listen and be accountable to the Fellowship.)


The other issue we need to finalize is whether Area 26 is willing to contribute toward coffee expenses at the Hospitality Room at the International Convention in July. Last year, the sense of the body was that we were interested, but we never officially voted on it. Most Areas are going to contribute $700 to the hosting Area. What are the wishes of the body?


Motion was made: Area 26 will contribute an amount not to exceed $700.00 to the Host Committee for a hospitality suite at the International Conference in July 2010. Motion was second. Motion Passed: Favor - 37 Against - 0